Qinhuangdao Mu wind Ship Parts Manufacturing Co. was founded in 2008, is a professional ship parts manufacturing private enterprise, located in Shanhaiguan Lingang Industrial Park, covering 40,000 square meters, the company has a complete management system and production system, the existing staff of 180 people, seven technical staff, including two senior engineers, senior technician; built a welding assembly plant, CNC cutting workshop, workshop under the molding material, cold shop, machine shop and painting workshop, the company advanced production equipment, strong technical force. Companies aim: seek safety first, integrity first, quality first, quality first, major equipment: 400 tons of hydraulic machines, bending machines, shears, bending machine, radial drilling machine, plasma cutting machine, 5 tons -10-ton gantry crane, forklift and so on. Annual production capacity of 5,000 tons.
He has been engaged in the production and installation of the new system outfitting the ship, including ship construction Heavy mountain United States, "Mayflower" offshore wind turbine installation vessel, "2600 box" container ships, 300,000 tons floating dock, 74,000 tons refit boat, Denmark CLIPER company 30,000 tons bulk carrier, "Great Lake" 30,000 tons of bulk carriers and other freshly ship outfitting accessories. Especially in technically demanding, process more complex, higher quality control requirements of outfitting production, such as: radar masts, the foremast, bollards, fairlead, pump base, air pipe closing devices and a variety of large-scale base, inclined ladder, ladders, spiral stairs, watertight doors, small hatches, shutters, manhole covers, etc., to master a certain amount of production technology and rich experience in production. The Company since its inception has been to contract boiler maintenance routine repair of the ship, including the boiler coil production, installation, maintenance sootblowers; boiler and safety valves of dismantling, installation; freshly ships boilers, and commissioning This year they contract manufacture, inspection more complex desalination projects, customers get the praise.

Since 2010, the company began to accept the mountain CSIC SDIC 93000T series, CSR series, 35000T series, 24000T series, more than 20 large and medium-sized ship outfitting the new system manufacturing, while orders a fresh large ship outfitting and installation works, water manufacture of ship outfitting desalination project renovation project and other large vessels. 2012 companies contract marine project, the Pearl of the North produced cranes ship engineering cylinder, diving platform, a large anchor cable frame and other outfitting of production, by the owner and the mountain CSICs praise. The company leadership has been committed to the modernization of enterprise management concepts, in 2011 the company introduced the "modern manufacturing lean production management" philosophy, and further improve the "safety management system", "quality management system", establish and improve the "safety rules and regulations," " enterprise management rules and regulations, "batches were staff professional quality education and safety education and training, establish a system of enterprise management, employee behavior management constraints, make management methods, business development direction for all employees understand the business from top to bottom and expectations, basically reached a "refinement of management." "Security Standardization" has been made in two enterprises safety standardization qualifications, in 2012 the company achieved a CCS 19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008 quality certification, and has been recognized by the parties concerned.

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