Kids and parents LOVE our program because of our 5T’s:

  • Transportation

  • Time for Homework

  • Taekwon-Do

  • = Total Transformation for your Kids

“The TASK program has been a HUGE benefit to our whole family. No more homework battles and more focused fitness, Taekwon-Do training, meditation, fun time, and quick and respectful pick-ups. All of these elements mean HAPPY PARENTS + HAPPY KIDS.” – Tracey D.

” Since enrolling our son in this program, we have seen a major improvement in not only his martial arts skills but also his positive energy around the house. If you are in the Bridlewood area and looking to have your son or daughter grow to excel and be the best child they can be I seriously encourage you to check this place out.” – Joshua S.

“The Taekwon-Do After School for Kids (TASK) program has had benefits in the form of improved self-confidence and enhanced health and fitness. My husband and I both try to live a healthy lifestyle so the program has been a lifesaver for us to be able to give the kids the benefit of physical activity during the week when we are working and have to do homework. There is simply not enough time in the evening to do it all, and knowing they have already run, jumped, and kicked is simply wonderful, thank you!” – Jennifer K.

Do you have a child/children in Kindergarten to Grade 6 and looking for ways to:

  • productively and positively use their time after school
  • get them some physical activity and learn self-defence
  • get their homework done without fuss and improve their grades
  • learn about respect and hard work
  • all this by the time you pick them up by 5:30pm?

Then our Taekwon-Do After School for Kids (TASK) Program is for you.

“Thank God and thank you for the Taekwon-Do After School for Kids program or I don’t know where I would find a program just like yours. You work hard and put so much effort into developing our children and always think from parents’ point of view, which makes things much easier for us.  You continually motivate our children with your many character education ideas and initiatives to develop their life skills.   Thank you so much for the great care of our son, words can’t express how happy we are to have him at your academy.  We  especially appreciate your helping our son with his homework, which removes so much pressure from our shoulders – A BIG THANK YOU!” – Cathy C.

NOTE: We are proud to serve the families who attend the following schools in the Bridlewood, Kanata, area:

  • École Élémentaire Catholique Elisabeth-Bruyère
  • W. O. Mitchell Elementary School
  • Roch Carrier Elementary School

Taekwon-Do has given our daughter the confidence to defend herself AND others around her. We learned about Keelin defending one of her friends at school when other girls were knocking off another’s hat.  She stepped up to the three of them and asked them to stop, picked up her friends hat, handed it to her and the two of them walked off leaving the 3 bullies.   Her confidence has also helped her improve her grades and we’re confident that it’s a combined effort from Home, School, and Taekwon-Do.  Her past couple report cards have progressed from “C’s”, to “B’s, to “A’s”.  The encouragement, confidence, guidance, leadership, friendship and counselling she receives has made a postive impact as she takes steps to become the person she’ll be for the rest of her life.” – Andrew F.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose After School @ Black Belt Excellence?

  1. Yes, our bilingual, straight-A, caring Leadership Team members are there to help your children with their homework and get top grades
  2. Yes, we offer PD Days for all school boards (included in the program) and the kids absolutely LOVE them!
  3. Yes, we provide safe and reliable transportation every day
  4.  Yes, we still pick up your child/children after school and still run our program on Snow Days
  5. Yes, we have lots parking spots for you (stress-free with no traffic to worry about)
  6. Yes, the kids dream about our daily healthy snacks (honestly, they tell us they dream about it)
  7. Yes, the kids love their (supervised) free time and outdoor play time after homework and Taekwon-Do class is done (we have lots of open and green space on our premium property)
  8. Yes, your child will have fun, make friends, and work towards his/her Black Belt
  9. Yes, we have the best reputation for family martial arts training in Kanata for 30+ years! (we have been recognized as Kanata People’s Choice Family Business of the Year, Mayor’s City Builder Award, and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients for contributions to our community and country).
  10. Yes, our tuitions are competitive and value-added (only $20 per day + family discounts).

“At the start of the year my wife and I were asked to meet with our son’s teacher.  The teacher had some concerns with regards to his level of reading in both English and French. Lack of comprehension was also noted when reading in French. The teacher was concerned that he was not meeting the provincial standards. This meeting took place in October, 2015.

My wife and I had noticed him struggling and realized he needed some extra help. We worked with him at home and noticed some improvement but we also had the help of the wonderful Taekwon-Do After School program at Black Belt Excellence.  Since enrolling our son in the program, we have noticed tremendous improvements in his scholastic endeavours.  His reading in both languages have accelerated well beyond our expectations and his teacher’s.

We were called in to see his teacher last month (March 2016). This meeting was to celebrate his accomplishments. The teacher referred to him as the Success Story of the Year. He is now meeting all provincial standards and improving on a daily basis. Black Belt Excellence continues to deliver in the dojang and in the classroom. We would recommend it to any family looking for that extra support in confidence, self-discipline, focus and respect for their child.” – Andrew H.

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