Our goal is to prepare your Teenager physically, mentally, socially, and academically for college or university. 


Our goal is for Adults to be the best parents they can be at home and best professionals they can be at work.


  • be physically active
  • build a strong work ethic
  • join a positive peer group
  • feel comfortable in their own skin
  • get good marks in school towards a good future?

Then our Teens program is for you.

Student Success Story: From Self-Defence to Scholarships
Meet Julien He, 3rd Degree Black Belt, training in Taekwon-Do for over 12 years at Black Belt Excellence. He progressed from Little Ninja to Junior Achiever to Black Belt to Leadership Team member and now…President’s Scholarship Award Winner from the University of Ottawa (full scholarship of $30,000).
To win this prestigious scholarship:
> Applicants must be bilingual (English and French)
> have an admission average of 92% or higher (he has a 97% average) and
> demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to academic and extracurricular activities.

He is also a recipient of the Proud to Be Me Chris Phillips Leadership Award.

We believe that the focus, discipline, confidence, leadership, hard work ethic, and dedication he developed by training and teaching in martial arts (as well as killer letter of reference I wrote for him) contributed to his success.

“Taekwon-Do has been a very large part of my life and has contributed a lot to who I am today. Thanks to Master Phil, I have been given many opportunities to develop as a more respectful individual, a better student, and a more confident leader. I would also like to thank all my other instructors who guided me, the new friends that I made, and the students that I taught for making Black Belt Excellence such an amazing place! I cherish all the memories I have made, and I look forward to training once more when I return! – Mr. Julien He

Our mission is to develop Black Belts, Champions in Life, and Leaders in Society through self-defence and martial arts training on the road to scholarships, success, and beyond. Will your teenager become our next Student Success Story?


Teenagers who join Black Belt Excellence Martial Arts Academy will learn how to:

    • Maintain the Triangle of Success at home, school/work and Taekwon-Do
    • Strive for higher levels of academic excellence
    • Appreciate the value of lifelong learning and a strong work ethic


  • Deal with peer pressure and negative influences
  • Make the right choices to stay on the right path to a higher education
  • Meet positive new friends who adhere to strong moral values
  • Develop physically and mentally to maximize their unique potential
  • Stay active and stay in shape to avoid becoming video game junkies and couch potatoes channel their energies towards positive and constructive activities and community events
  • Build their self-esteem and self-confidence to determine their own unique identity
  • Find the courage to stand up for what they believe in
  • Set and achieve goals for life success

Discover how your teenager(s) can get a leading edge in life and realize their full and unique potential. The best way to experience our program is to give it a try.

P.S. By the way, Taekwon-Do is not just for teenagers. We also have a program geared for children, adults, and families too. Feel free to come in and try a class yourself. In addition to all the benefits already mentioned, it’s a great way to stay in shape, lose weight and relieve stress.

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Adult Program – Live Life to the Fullest!


“My wife and I are very happy to be part of your Dojang. It is one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves. We look forward to class and we feel the difference it makes to mind, body and spirit.

We are both impressed by your tireless efforts at the school and in the Community.  It’s obvious you are making a difference in people’s lives, what a worthwhile pursuit. You have surrounded yourself with excellent instructors, who are patient and positive, it is evident they are modelling your example.” – Michael W.

6 Benefits of Taekwon-Do for Women – By Lisa Yang

1. Physical Fitness: Taekwon-Do improves physical fitness, balance, and strengthens the core through kicking drills, which tune the hip, abdominal, and pelvic muscles.

2. Artistic Expression: Similar to dance and figure skating, the art of Taekwon-Do, specifically patterns, allow women to express themselves through body movement and development of good posture.

3. Self-Defence: This part of our Taekwon-Do training teaches women to avoid dangerous situations as well as get out of them while developing the confidence and tools to defend themselves if necessary.

4. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Through board breaking, we develop a positive attitude and mental state of “I can and I will”, which is instrumental in building confidence and self-esteem in women when facing challenges in life.

5. Focus: The key success of Taekwon-Do training is focus. With our busy lifestyle, women often juggle between work, home, family and friends, and can easily lose focus. But Taekwon-Do teaches us how to focus on priorities despite many demands that are placed upon us.

6. Stress Relief: We accumulate stress from many sources, especially when we put the needs of others before us. Stress is toxic to our body and mind. Taekwon-Do training, especially kicking, punching and sparring, is one of the best and most cost- effective ways to relieve stress compared to other techniques.

In conclusion, Taekwon-Do gives women a BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG BODY AND MIND!

Adults who join Black Belt Excellence Martial Arts Academy will learn how to:

  • maintain a healthy balance at home, work and Taekwon-Do
  • Get and stay in awesome shape at your own pace
  • reducing your level of stressand relax from the pressures of daily life
  • live a positive and healthy lifestyle
  • take care of your body and your mind to stay focused on your goals and responsibilities
  • strengthen your body through isometric exercises
  • improve your flexibility levels through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques
  • sharpen your senses and reflexes
  • defend yourself or your loved ones in case of a street situation
  • enhance your personal physical capabilities and maximize your self-defense skills
  • gain increased energy, motivation, and fitness for a longer, happier life

Discover how you can live life to the fullest and enhance your physical and mental capabilities. The best way to experience our program is to give it a try.