Super Ninjas

Super Ninjas
Our goal is to help you prepare your child physically, mentally, and socially for grade school. Do you have a 4-6 year old and wondering if there is a way to: harness their boundless physical energy remind them of good manners introduce them to the concepts of mental focus and discipline socialize them have FUN in a safe and supportive environment? Then Super Ninjas is for you and your ... read more »

Junior Achievers

Our goal is to prepare your child physically, mentally, socially, and academically for high school. Do you have a 6-11 year old and wishing there was a way to get them to: get some physical exercise learn about respect and hard work be able to respond to bullying build their self-confidence boost their self-esteem? Then Junior Achievers is for you. "Our 8-year old boy had been dealing ... read more »

Family Training

TKD Family
Our goal for Families to create shared memories and bonding experiences to last a lifetime. Do you seek ways to: get and stay in shape relieve stress learn to defend  yourself and loved ones spend quality time with your family achieve some level of life balance Then our Family Training or Adult program is for you. “Carleton University found that children in martial arts have a lower ... read more »

Taekwon-Do Summer Camps

Parents: Are you looking for an empowering alternative to your typical Summer day camps? Do you like the idea of your child engaging in fitness, self-defence, and character-building activities in a fun and positive and yet safe and disciplined environment? Have you always wanted to have your child try the martial arts during the regular school year but just didn't get the chance? Now is your ... read more »